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Is Ccleaner Good For Pc

Is CCleaner Good for PC?

CCleaner is a popular software that claims to optimize the performance of Windows PCs by removing unwanted files, fixing registry errors, updating drivers, and more. But is CCleaner safe and worth using in 2023? This article will review the pros and cons of CCleaner and help you decide whether you should download it or not.

is ccleaner good for pc

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What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is a product of Piriform, a company that was acquired by Avast, a leading antivirus software provider, in 2017. CCleaner was launched in 2004 as Crap Cleaner, a name that reflects its original function of cleaning up junk files from computers. Over the years, CCleaner has evolved into a multifunctional tool that offers various features, such as:

  • Health Check: A scanner that evaluates your PC's health and suggests improvements in the areas of privacy, space, speed, and security.

  • Custom Clean: A manual cleaner that lets you choose which files and applications to clean.

  • Registry Cleaner: A tool that scans and fixes registry issues that may cause errors or slow down your PC.

  • Software Updater: A tool that checks and updates outdated software on your PC.

  • Driver Updater: A tool that checks and updates outdated drivers on your PC.

  • Duplicate Finder: A tool that finds and deletes duplicate files on your PC.

  • System Restore: A tool that lets you restore your PC to a previous state using restore points.

  • Wipe Free Space: A tool that securely erases free space on your hard drive to prevent data recovery.

CCleaner has a free version that offers basic cleaning and optimization features. It also has a paid version called CCleaner Professional that unlocks more advanced features, such as automatic updates, real-time monitoring, scheduled cleaning, priority support, and more. CCleaner Professional costs $24.95 per year for one PC.

Is CCleaner Safe?

One of the main concerns about CCleaner is its safety. In 2017, CCleaner was hacked and infected with malware that affected millions of users. The hackers compromised the software development environment of Piriform and injected malicious code into the signed and certified version of CCleaner. The malware was designed to collect user data and download additional payloads from a remote server. Avast quickly responded to the incident and updated users to a clean version of CCleaner. However, the damage was already done and the reputation of CCleaner was tarnished.

In 2019, another attempt to hack CCleaner was made, but this time it was prevented by Avast before any software could be infected. Avast claimed that it had improved its security measures and processes to prevent future attacks. However, some users remained skeptical and wary of using CCleaner.

Besides the hacking incidents, CCleaner also faced criticism for its data collection practices. In 2018, CCleaner introduced a new feature called Active Monitoring that collected anonymous usage data from users and sent it to Avast servers. Many users were unhappy with this feature and accused CCleaner of spying on them. CCleaner later changed the name of the feature to Smart Cleaning and gave users more control over their data settings.

So, is CCleaner safe to use now? Based on the current evidence, it seems that CCleaner has resolved its security issues and improved its data privacy policies. There have been no reports of new hacks or breaches since 2019. Avast has also assured users that it has implemented robust security measures to protect its software products. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that CCleaner is safe to use now.

Is CCleaner Good for PC?

The next question is whether CCleaner is good for PC or not. Does it actually improve your PC's performance or does it cause more harm than good? The answer depends on how you use it and what you expect from it.

CCleaner can be useful for cleaning up unwanted files from your PC that may take up space or slow down your system. It can also help you fix registry errors that may cause crashes or glitches. It can also help you update your software and drivers to keep your 06063cd7f5